Gelu-Arbor is the most Northern State of Pilleus. It is home to three small cities. Arcania, Snöstorm, and Ćuvik.

Description Edit

Culture Edit

Gelu-Arbor is the utmost Northern State in Pilleus. Seeing as it is always cold in the region the people are much more reserved and keep to themselves. Ice fishing, deer, and Elk are the primary sources of food for these people.

Cities Edit

Arcania Edit

Arcania is the largest of the three cities in Gelu-Arbor. It is home to the famous Arcane Temple, which draws crowds from all other Pilleus. To see more about Arcania, visit the main article on it.

Snöstorm Edit

Snöstorm is the second largest city in Gelu-Arbor. It is primarily a trading post and a place for travelers to either collect supplies or sell wares. To see more about Snöstorm, visit the main article on it.

Ćuvik Edit

Ćuvik is the smallest city in Gelu-Arbor, it is nearly uninhabited, with a very small population, it is primarily a military base. To see more about Ćuvik, visit the main article on it.

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