The first recorded records of Uramin begin at 1 1MA (First Mille Annis).

Mille Anniss.

Mille Annis is the universally accepted unit to describe one thousand years. The Mille Anniss

The First Mille Annis.

There isn't much known of the First Mille Annis, most of the information gathered regarding the 1MA is speculation and opinionated. Many historians believe Uramin was scarcely inhabited by Humans, Elves, Ents, and Dwarves. The First Mille Annis is the beginning of recorded history in Uramin. The oldest remaining historic artifact was discovered by Richard Nelsonman. The artifact was a hieroglyph depicting a man holding a glowing orb up towards Uraminia. Fourth Mille Annis.

During the Fourth Mille Annis (4MA) the biggest, and most significant event is arguably The Invasion of Pilleus. Followed by the Dwarven Rights Movement.Fifth Mille Annis.The Fifth Mille Annis is the current Mille Annis.

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