Pilleus is one of the main continents of Uramin. It's main documented inhabitants include: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. It is rumored that there are many other inhabitants, but they are all undocumented.

In the Fourth Sun's Coming it became a popular refugee site, after the Dooming War.



The primary Inhabitants of Pilleus are Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. There stories of more inhabitants to the east, beyond the Great Gray Mountains. There have been many explorations beyond the Great Gray Mountains, but not many return, and those who do say there was nothing other than Mountain Lions.

Size and climate Edit

Pilleus is 14,075mi in size. The climate on Pilleus is very different than most islands, as it features three different climates.

List of Climates Edit
  • North: Cold, bitter ever-winter. Only few forms of wildlife live in this area.
  • South & Western Seaboard: A warm, sometimes hot, climate. Towards the Southern seaboard it becomes very humid, wildlife flourishes to the south.
  • The Eastern seaboard, past the Great Gray Mountains, is a very hot and dry desert. Life is scarce in these parts.

Pilleus has two lakes, and one large river. The Lakes are Aqunina to the North and Maerina's Lake to the North West.

Lake Mootautoo runs from the North East all the way down the island to the Southern regions. It is the largest supply of fresh water on the island. It also features a plethora of fresh water wildlife.


The First Sun's ComingEdit

Pilleus was first discovered in the First Sun's Coming, it was discovered by Lid Ma'queen. He claimed it for the nation of Vismax.

The Second Sun's ComingEdit

During the first fifty-years of the Second Sun's Coming Pilleus was invaded by the Barbarian tribe Lågled. The invasion did not prove to be too much trouble though, as Vismax kept ownership of Pilleus.

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